West Virginia EMS Project

Whether you’re a researcher, local government leader, reporter, or professional in the field, this page aims to provide you with relevant information and links to organizations, government agencies, and other helpful resources. I update this page regularly, so please check back often for the latest information.

EMS: emergency medical services

It’s important to remember that many EMS organizations in West Virginia operate independent of local government control and funding. They’re often nonprofit organizations, like your neighborhood rescue squad, or private corporations. Very limited state funds are available to these entities.

West Virginia County EMS Data

While still a work in progress, I am working to compile data on every West Virginia county’s approach to EMS. If you have some information to contribute, please contact me.

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Challenges for EMS Organizations

The problems facing EMS organizations are multifaceted: declining volunteer participation, insurance reimbursement, distance to hospitals, staffing challenges, lack of steady funding, and more.

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News Article Archive

Over the last year, the EMS crisis has started receiving more coverage in West Virginia media.

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